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Olga Brown studied Art and Textiles in the Academy of Fine Art in Lviv, Ukraine (1978-1983).

After graduation, she started her career as a textile designer, participating in exhibitions at home and abroad and was awarded first prize at the WDNH exhibition in Moscow. Later, she commenced painting full time and moved to London in 1996. Her works have been viewed in private collections, and in the National Art Museum in Hmelnicky (Ukraine).

Solo exhibitions include:
Gallery Na Piekniej, Warsaw, Poland.
The Days of Slave Culture at BWA Gallery, Rzeszow, Poland,
Perspectywa Gallery, Krakow, Poland.

Selected Mixed Exhibitions at:
Webbs Gallery, London,
Cat Hill Gallery, London,
BAC, London,
Duncan Terrace Gallery, London,
The Del Bello Gallery, Toronto,
The National Museum, Hmelnicki, Ukraine
The National Art Gallery Lviv,
The House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine
The Decima Gallery, Lviv , Ukraine
BWA Gallery, Resowia, Poland
The National Ethnographic Museum Lviv.
WDNH Moscow.
Wandsworth Open House Weekend.

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